We are:

a team of flexible and curious professionals. By following new trends in the development of information technology and constantly learning, we creatively apply the acquired knowledge in ongoing projects.

We are proud of:

the knowledge, experience and passion of our colleagues, which enables them to carry out especially important tasks.

We believe:

that only a cohesive and strong team determines the best results.

You will have an opportunity:

  • work with colleagues with unique experience and grow professionally together with the company;
  • create and develop international and exclusive IT projects;
  • create projects that change the lives of countries and the people who live in those countries.

Our Company is in constant growing, that is why, we are always looking for new colleagues:

  • analysts;
  • IT project managers;
  • SAP consultants or aspiring to become them.

Please send your CV: info@innoforcegroup.com. In the “Subject” field, specify the position you are applying for.