Innovative SAP technologies make it possible to provide highly effective and reliable solutions for the public security sector. The specific requirements of this sector for information systems call for extremely high data processing speeds, as emergency requires immediate response, and extremely high reliability of system operation, as these systems usually have to operate in a 24x7x365 mode. The combination of SAP applications and the SAP HANA technology platform fully meets these requirements. SAP offers specialized solutions for the investigation management and analysis of police and special investigation services, border guards, and rescue operations management. SAP Analytics group’ products provide a wide range of tools for analyzing existing information, but also help predict and anticipate events or event changes, enabling public security services to operate in a proactive manner. InnoForce has accumulated many years of specialized experience in installing, developing and maintaining public security information systems. InnoForce experts are constantly cooperating with EENA (European Emergency Number Association), as well as one of InnoForce experts is a Certified Auditor of 112 Emergency Centers performance.

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