The “Treasury Client” information system is aimed at electronic document exchange between government agencies, administrative units of budget programs and authorized government institutions. This system is developed to increase the efficiency of interaction with clients (budgetary institutions) through the provision of a modern, integrated and high-performance IT environment.

In general, the creation and implementation of the system is designed to provide an effective solution to the following administrative tasks:

  • Unify, simplify and accelerate the automated input of data into the Information System of the Treasury Committee according to financial documents;
  • Ensure an increase in the speed of provision, as well as accuracy, reliability and transparency of data associated with financial reports;
  • Ensure an increase of efficiency of the Treasury’s operations;
  • Ensure the use of modern means of information protection – electronic digital signatures (EDS) – to confirm the authenticity of documents and to simplify the process of document coordination;
  • Develop a software solution that enables organizing interaction with different financial systems of state institutions.




Project period