The Data Analysis and Public Information Subsystem (DANAVIP) is designed to manage data stored in a data repository, generate various reports, and compute and analyze balanced indicators, view activity data showcases, and create your own personal showcases. At the start of the project, only the key indicators from the single source, IS SVEIDRA, were collected and used in the subsystem, but neither the newly created IS SVEIDRA subsystem data nor the data from other information systems were being collected. Therefore, the staff of the organization had to spent a lot of time collecting and connecting data from various sources manually. During the project, the DANAVIP subsystem was expanded, adapting it to import data from new sources, connect data and use such data to calculate and report existing and new indicators. With the help of SAP Business Objects technologies, data collection, transformation, rendering functions have been developed to allow automated reports to be aggregated from data stored in various information systems, as well as reporting functionality, report visualization functions, data detailing features and other functions were automated.




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