Goals and objectives of the project:

  • The Safe City automated information system (hereinafter – SC AIS) is aimed at automating a group of processes that occur when emergency services provide help to the public on a daily routine basis and in crisis situations;
  • Automating the process of receiving messages and signals for help which are submitted to emergency services from different sources: telephone calls made to numbers 01, 02, 03, 04, 051, calls made to providers of utility services, data collected through video surveillance systems, fire alarm signals, agricultural protection and seismic sensors, signals of public warning systems;
  • Automating the process of emergency services resource and staff management when providing assistance and help – scheduling resources, managing their location, transmitting data about the incident in real time to on-board computers;
  • Automating the process of resource and emergency services crew management during the provision of assistance in crisis situations – developing a single point of control in real time that enables managing all the resources and crews regardless of organizational affiliation;
  • Automating the data exchange process between the SC AIS and external databases, as well as external automated information systems that contain the information necessary for prompt provision of assistance and a rapid response to incidents;
  • Automating the management process of information and report provision to users and recipients of information from the SC AIS.
  • Automating the process of analysing collected data in order to not only analyse historical data, but also to identify trends and to model possible situations and plan prompt response activities of emergency services.




Project period



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