The 112 information system is a complex solution of several subsystems integrated sustainably, which ensures the receipt, processing, management and monitoring of the emergency response, and the operative management of the rescue forces. Components of various software and hardware manufacturers (emergency service operations’ management and automation software Siveillance ELS Web (Siemens AG), Oracle Database Management System, SAP Business Objects Reporting System, HiPath Telephony Software, ReDAT Voice Recorder, HP and IBM servers, data warehouses, backup copiers) are integrated into a single functional system that ensures the performance of 112 functions. The project was launched and tested with the renewed Vilnius city 112 center solution, similar to Klaipeda city 112 center. During the project, automated solutions were implemented, which, in case of disturbances in one center, automatically redirect calls and event management to another operating center.




Project period



Siveillance ELS Web, JAVA, Oracle, ReDAT, SAP Business Objects