The unified integrated solution developed on the basis of SAP ERP and SAP Treasury (TRM, FSCM) modules includes the following key government debt and cash resource management functions:

  • Cash flow forecasting, borrowing and investment planning;
  • Financial transactions (borrowing and debt management transactions; lending transactions and provision of state guarantees; investment transactions; derivative transactions; foreign exchange transactions);
  • Risk management, including setting and calculating limits, as well as various risk scenarios and calculations;
  • Administration and accounting (financial transactions, including borrowing and debt management transactions, lending transactions and state guarantees, investment transactions, derivative transactions, as well as foreign exchange transactions; accounting of funds borrowed on behalf of the state and national monetary funds);
  • Reporting and use of analytical tools;
  • Integration with other information systems (exchange of information on payments and bank statements; import of market data (interest rates, exchange rates, etc.); exports of factual and planned payments information from the State Budget Accounting and Payments System, export of State Debt and Monetary Resources Book entries to Finance Management System, formation of Government Debt and monetary resources data for submission to PSARCIS.

During the project new functions were implemented and modified according to the changed requirements of legal acts, as well as information system maintenance services, financial management and accounting consultancy were provided.




Project period



SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (FIN-FSCM), SAP ERP, SAP Treasury and Risk management (TRM), Market Risk Analyzer - MRA, Credit Risk Analyzer -CRA, SAP Cash and Liquidity Management, Loans Management - FS CML