The SCRM component is intended for automating the customs officers’ decision making procedure and facilitating customs clearance procedures.

The component is designed to use automated risk assessment procedures related to all incoming import and export declarations and recommendations that are given to customs officers responsible for decision making. The results of SCRM  implementation were as follows:

  • Has enabled customs authorities to focus their attention on high-risk objects;
  • Has ensured a more effective use of available resources;
  • Has provided more opportunities to identify and predict customs law infringements;
  • Has created favourable conditions for law-abiding individuals involved in international trade;
  • Has helped increase trading volume;
  • Has ensured the execution of the customs control principle thanks to risk mitigation measures taken at customs authorities and the forms of customs control applied by them;
  • Has ensured that customs authorities use risk analysis and assessment methods to identify goods, vehicles, documents and individuals that are subject to customs scrutiny;
  • Has accelerated the movement of goods and vehicles through the customs border of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Has reduced the probability of receiving unreliable and incorrect information during data analysis and when preparing reports;
  • Has increased budget revenue through collected duties and taxes.




Project period



JAVA SE 6, Java EE 5, JBoss AS 6