InnoForce experts have been working in the field of 112 since 2003. Our solutions include consulting services and specialized software solutions for 112 emergency services.
Consulting services: professional expertise in legislation and regulations related to the operation of the emergency number 112; creating a service model and modeling processes for 112 Emergency Centre operations; development of a model of interaction between rescue services, analysis of compatibility of information and data exchange structures and methods; definition of qualitative and quantitative indicators for the provision of 112 emergency services; design and implementation of a unified integrated emergency number 112 information system complex; creation of information system architecture according to individual activity model; preparation of detailed functional and technical requirements; management of a unified 112 information system development and implementation projects. Specialized software solutions for automating 112 operations: SMS Message Management Module, 112 Information System Component Integration Module, Advanced Mobile Location (AML) technology based location module, “eCall” integration into a unified 112 system. Also in 2017, our experts have developed and deployed a specialized outbound accounting module that allows to capture and calculate the forces, equipment and materials used for a specific assistance and rescue event, to plan and manage the on-call time of the fire rescue forces throughout the country.