Modern analytics tools that enable you to get required information instantly, increase productivity by 80%, according to SAP. Sometimes companies and organizations that have invested heavily in the deployment of information systems happen to miss a portion of the benefits not using all the data in the information systems. Data entry, structuring processes that require employee time should to create maximum added value, thus information systems data retrieval, transformation, and presentation tools must allow access to information in a fast, convenient, user-friendly form. The reliability and accuracy of the data must also be controlled so that the forms (reports) of data submission are flexible and easily modified according to the needs of the users.

Experts at InnoForce are not only well acquainted with information technology tools and products for information retrieval, transformation automation and information representation, but can also offer consultancy services related to regulated Lithuanian IFRS (Public Sector Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards) reports and preparation of financial statements, preparation and submission of data to the Public Sector Accounting and Reporting Consolidation Information System. Our module for data transfer from SAP Financial Management System to PSARCIS helps organizations save time and avoid manual work and human errors. SAP Analytics family products – SAP Analytics Cloud, Business Intelligence, Planning and Analysis, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning – enables us to provide our clients with comprehensive software solutions ranging from automated data collection and processing to specialized algorithm-based analytical insights.