The eCall system is designed to send an automated message to 112 in case of a car accident within the European Union. The eCall feature is activated automatically as soon as the in-car sensors detect a car collision. The on-board system dials the European emergency number 112, establishes a telephone connection with the relevant Emergency Center and sends details of the accident to the center, indicating the time of the accident, the exact location of the vehicle and the direction of the vehicle movement. The eCall system can also be activated manually by pressing the button on the car, for example, by the person who saw the accident. eCall notifies the vehicle’s location even if the driver is unconscious or cannot call himself. Starting from 2018 March 31, the eCall technology must be installed in all new cars sold in the EU territory. The European Commission predicts that such system could save up to 2,500 lives a year.

InnoForce, together with its partners, has implemented eCall’s specialized hardware and software, which was integrated with the information systems of the Emergency Center, public mobile network providers, and the databases of state enterprise Regitra and EUCARIS. In 2018, we updated the solution to the latest EU requirements.

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