InnoForce has developed and implemented the largest number of SAP public sector financial management solutions in Lithuania. The accounting of the Lithuanian public sector is carried out in accordance with the Public Sector Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards, whose exceptional feature is that all accounting is carried out on a cumulative basis, but budget execution accounting is carried out on a cash basis. Such application of two accounting principles simultaneously creates additional requirements for accounting systems, which are usually used for accounting based on only one method – cumulative or cash. SAP experts at InnoForce developed a unique and only in Lithuania “Secondary” Entry Solution for SAP Accounting System: accounting of funding amounts on an accrual basis as a Secondary Automatic Entry (receivables, received, used, transferred, repaid financing, financing income, accrued income), which is based on primary accounting operations. We have also designed and developed a number of specialized modules in the SAP accounting system: a specialized module for the accounting of seized and confiscated goods; module for planning and accounting of uniforms and working tools; accounting for budget planning and execution on a cash basis; detailed integration with the Public Sector Accounting and Reporting Consolidation Information System (PSARCIS) in order to update the list of public sector providers / recipients and to transfer transaction data, master balance and financial reporting data sets. Integration allows to avoid time-consuming manual work when providing the above data to PSARCIS; integration between SAP Financial Module and payroll accounting systems by automating the transfer of detailed payroll, deduction and payment data; connection between SAP Finance Module and State budget accounting and payments information system has been designed and developed in order to transfer and receive payment information in real time and to automatically create documents for accounting of receivables and funding received.