Your company’s net sales revenue in 2016 exceeded 700,000 Euros, and you do not have an i.SAF and SAFT data file generation tool yet?

According to the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania no. 699 of 1 July 2015, profit-making legal entities (compiling accounting records by technical means) must be prepared to provide accounting records in a standard accounting data file from 1 January 2018 onwards, provided that their net sales revenue for 2016 exceeded EUR 700 000, and from 1 January 2019 onwards – if exceeded EUR 300 000 in 2017.

InnoForce has developed and offers a proven tool, which works successfully in SAP ERP systems, and can be used to submit required data to the State Tax Inspectorate or to external auditors with the click of one button. This technological solution ensures absolute information security!

Our experts have launched a project to develop a tool for generating i.SAF and SAFT data in the SAP system in the early 2016. Having received the consent of SAP Manufacturer to use all the knowledge base and experience accumulated in other countries, we have developed a standardized tool for generating i.SAF and SAFT data files in SAP systems adapted to the Lithuanian market, which satisfies all requirements of the State Tax Inspectorate. The tool we have developed is a plug-in for the ‘parent’ accounting system, in this case SAP, closely linked to the accounting system itself and implemented centrally. This means that it is safe and reliable for all large companies using centralized IT resource management and providing access to the system to affiliates or subsidiaries in many countries. It should also be noted that compared to other countries the SAFT applied in Lithuania requires the largest amount of data to be provided, so the tool we have developed is optimized and adapted to convert large volumes of data into SAFT.
Currently, several dozens of Lithuanian and international companies are already using our tool. The tool is updated with every update of i.SAF and SAFT specifications from the State Tax Inspectorate.
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