InnoForce’s i.VAZ tool for SAP systems – a solution for smooth business activities

A waybill is a document confirming a contract on the carriage of goods, which lists all the details of the cargo, including the consignor’s and consignee’s information, as well as the details of the cargo and the vehicle carrying it.

As of 1 October 2016, the new i.MAS smart tax administration system was launched, where companies must submit their waybill data to the State Tax Inspectorate (STI) in real time – a cargo the carriage of which starts and ends in Lithuania may not be dispatched until a waybill has been created and submitted to the STI.

Waybills are provided in the i.MAS system, i.VAZ subsystem. This subsystem is a way to improve tax administration, reduce non-declaration of income and tax evasion. i.VAZ allows to eliminate paper waybills and to reduce the burden associated with their administration and storage.

Who is obliged to submit waybills?

Waybills must be filed with the STI in presence of all the following conditions:

  1. Goods are transported by road vehicles within the territory of Lithuania only;
  2. The consignor and the consignee of goods are natural or legal persons engaged in economic activity;
  3. Goods are carried for the purpose of commercial relations.

Thus, the data of waybill documents must be provided to the tax administration by taxpayers who send, transport and receive goods by road in the Republic of Lithuania.

The waybill data must be submitted on i.VAZ not earlier than 7 days before the scheduled date of dispatch of goods and not later than the date and time of dispatch of goods indicated in the waybill.

How to submit waybills on i.VAZ subsystem?

There are several different ways to submit waybills on i.VAZ subsystem. Firstly, this can be done manually using STI’s self-service platform. However, this is a time-consuming way of submitting waybills, and the work has to be done twice – first entering the data in the company’s internal system and then – in STI’s system. This method is resource-intensive, increases the likelihood of human error and is impossible in some cases due to a large amount of data involved. In addition to the risk of facing accounting inaccuracies, enterprises also face tax risks leading to financial losses.

For these reasons, many companies are looking for an optimal way to adapt their existing accounting systems to provide information in the right format. With the help of our solution, electronic waybills will be automatically transmitted to the i.VAZ subsystem administered by STI directly from the company’s accounting or warehouse software.

Submission of waybills from SAP accounting systems

We offer an integrated i.VAZ solution that will make the process of submitting waybills much easier. With this solution, i.VAZ submission from SAP systems to the i.VAZ subsystem is smooth and simple. The solution links all business processes and the necessary data in real time, while the electronic waybill accounting subsystem allows automatic or manual transmission of waybill data from the goods delivery management software to the STI directly. The software can be installed much faster than making changes to an existing business management system. The client can use the integration independently, without the intervention of third parties or external servers, thus ensuring data security. Data submission to the STI will only take a few minutes.

Our solution accepts the data sent, transforming it into the required format and promptly transmitting it to the i.VAZ subsystem. A confirmation message is sent if the waybill has been successfully accepted, and a feedback message is sent if an error has occurred, indicating what needs to be corrected. This method also allows sending several electronic waybills at a time.

This is a simple solution where the information travels through three sources – from the client’s accounting system to our solution and, finally, to the i.VAZ subsystem via a secure protocol. You can get real-time, reliable information about the course and smoothness of the process of data submitted on i.VAZ.

Why choose the InnoForce’s tool for data submission on i.VAZ?

InnoForce offers a standardised tool for i.VAZ data file generation in SAP systems tailored to the Lithuanian market. We have brought together a professional team of SAP consultants and programmers, who were given a task to develop a tool adapted to SAP ERP (ECC and S/4 HANA) systems.

The tool we developed is an add-on to the SAP system, closely linked to the accounting system itself and implemented centrally. This means that it is secure and reliable for all companies that centrally manage their IT resources and provide access to the system to branches or subsidiaries located in many countries. This technological solution fully guarantees the security of information.

We have extensive experience with a wide range of systems based on SAP and other technologies, so our tool has the ability to adapt to different data systems. When choosing the most suitable IT solutions for file management, we always advise on their advantages and disadvantages. We have brought together a specialized team that is currently actively working on i.MAS projects in particular.

In summary, automatic data submission to i.VAZ allows transmitting waybill data directly from the SAP accounting system to the i.VAZ subsystem quickly, conveniently and without manual work. It is the most efficient solution on the market to successfully and automatically provide waybill data from SAP systems in real time, ensuring smooth activities of businesses.