Effective risk management is required to manage growing business opportunities and threats.

Nowadays, companies and institutions are facing a number of internal and external threats and business challenges as they grow and expand incredibly fast. By participating in complex, international, ever-changing markets, companies and organizations must have highly reliable risk management mechanisms and tools to ensure transparency, predictability and efficient management. Information and solutions cannot be untimely and reactive. Innovative, systematic, integrated solutions are needed to allow organizations to continuously monitor, assess operational risk factors, model and predict the impact of risks and potential consequences.

Risk management systems are particularly relevant for institutions that ensure the implementation of state functions in the areas of international trade management, national financial management, and public security. We offer integrated risk management solutions based on our knowledge of the operational processes of these institutions and the capabilities of modern IT tools for our clients – customs services, public sector bodies and public money funds, public security services, private companies. InnoForce enables businesses and authorities of all sizes to reliably manage risk by using integrated SAP solutions – GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management) solutions, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning – from international IT leader.

Benefits of Risk Management IT Tools:

Reduces costs and enables productivity, risk, and audit programs to deliver value faster, and deliver higher return on investment;
Reduces the impact of risks and the possibility of compliance violations, and weakens the negative impact of risks on operational efficiency;
Increases operational efficiency and optimizes business processes by managing risks in parallel;
Provides effective communication on risk management at all levels of the company;
Reduces excess or overlapping control functions by combining risk response at enterprise processes and strategic levels;
Reduces the amount of mechanical processes and controls by implementing automated work, control and risk monitoring systems.